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What are the performance testing standards for heat treatment of linear ball bearings?


Linear ball bearings are used in a variety of mechanical equipment, and the conditions required for bearings are becoming increasingly stringent, and bearing performance is becoming increasingly diverse.


In the selection of bearings, bearings tend to be considered, the grease life in aging, the fatigue life of the grease, wear resistance, low noise, also need to be fully studied.


1) Before heat treatment, check whether the heat treatment equipment, auxiliary equipment, instruments, etc. are qualified and normal, and whether the temperature difference between the furnaces is within the specified range (±5 °C);

2) Sanding or rinsing should be done before the furnace is installed. There should be no oil, dirt and dirt. The alloy grades should not be mixed;

3) The castings whose shape is prone to warpage should be placed on a special chassis or bracket, and the suspended cantilever portion is not allowed to be suspended;

4) Single or cast test bars for checking the performance of bearing castings shall be treated with the furnace together to reflect the performance of the castings;

5) During the heat preservation period, the temperature of the furnace should be checked and corrected at any time to prevent local high temperature or burning;

6) When the power cannot be recovered after a short time after power failure, the castings in the heat preservation shall be quickly quenched, and then restored to normal, then furnace, warm and heat treatment;

7) Castings that have been quenched in a nitrate tank should be rinsed with hot water immediately after quenching to eliminate residual salts and prevent corrosion;

8) The deformation of the casting after quenching is found and should be corrected immediately;

9) Parts to be aged shall be aged within 0.5 h after quenching;

10) If the performance is found to be unqualified after heat treatment, the heat treatment may be repeated, but the number of times shall not exceed 2 times;

11) Heat treatment shall be carried out according to the heat treatment process of the shape, size and alloy characteristics of the casting.